Based on your questions, we aim to provide the answers below.

- I forgot to choose a certain channel for my video. Now it's listed in my profile. Can I move it?

Not exactly move it, but if you tap settings (3 dots) and choose "Distribute to channel", a list of channels will appear.

- How do I create my own channel?

It's super simple!! In channels tab, press the + symbol in upper right corner and voilà. Here you can enter channel name, description and decide if you want it public or private.

- Can I hide a video from the public, even if I have a non-private account?

Not while you broadcast (unless you shoot to a private channel). But afterwards yes - Go to your profile portfolio, click and hold on the video thumbnail for one second and choose "Hide in profile" and no one else can see it.

- Is it possible to zoom in the camera?

Yes. Pinch with two fingers on the screen to zoom in/out.

- How do I add a web link to my video?

There are two ways of doing this. Either you prepare in advance in the camera view by tapping the settings gear in lower right corner. Then choose the arrow symbol.

The other way is to open your finished video and tap settings (3 dots) and then choose "Edit". (This is also where you can remove a link.)

For complex URL's, the easiest way is to copy/paste an URL from the browser.